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Prayer for the Cause of Bishop Brute

Heavenly Father, source of all that is holy, in every age, you raise up men and women who live lives of heroic love and service.

You have blessed your Church through the life of Simon Bruté, first bishop of Vincennes and spiritual director to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Through his prayer, his intellect, his love, and his pastoral care, Simon Bruté formed future priests and guided your Church in the early days of our country.

If it be your will, may he be proclaimed a saint.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. —Amen.

(Contributions to defray the expenses in furthering the Cause should be sent to Bishop Bruté Fund, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, P.O. Box 1410, Indianapolis, IN 46206.)

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Petit and Deydier

This weekend we celebrate the lives of two early priests of the Diocese of Vincennes. February 10th marks the 179th anniversary of the death of Fr. Benjamin Petit, the apostle to the Potawatomi, in 1839, and February 11 marks the 154th anniversary of the death of Fr. Antoine (Anthony) Deydier in 1864. I’ve written before […]


Ordinations 1837

On October 14, 1837, Bishop Bruté ordained two men. Benjamin Petit and John Plunkett. Both men would go on to do great things in service to the Church in Indiana. Both would die outside of the state and within three years of their ordination. John Plunkett, an Irishman, did heroic work on the canals in […]


Indiana “Saints”

I’m not a Canon Lawyer and I have never played one on TV… However, to quote the website Crux: Pope Francis declared a new category of Christian life suitable for consideration of beatification called “offering of life” – in which a person has died prematurely through an offering of their life for love of God […]


Benjamin Petit – Minor Orders 1836

I’ve posted many times about the story of Father Benjamin Marie Petit, the young Frenchman who followed Servant of God, Simon Brute to America in order to serve among the missions and, in particular, to serve among the Native Americans in the northern part of the State of Indiana, particularly the Potawatomi Indians. There is […]


The Trail of Death

On this day, September 4, 1838 a shameful chapter in American history took place in northern Indiana. This is the day that the U.S. government began the forced removal of the Potawatomi Indians from Indiana to Kansas. The connection to Indiana Catholic Church history is the fact that a young priest, Benjamin Marie Petit was […]