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Prayer for the Cause of Bishop Brute

Heavenly Father, source of all that is holy, in every age, you raise up men and women who live lives of heroic love and service.

You have blessed your Church through the life of Simon Bruté, first bishop of Vincennes and spiritual director to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Through his prayer, his intellect, his love, and his pastoral care, Simon Bruté formed future priests and guided your Church in the early days of our country.

If it be your will, may he be proclaimed a saint.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. —Amen.

(Contributions to defray the expenses in furthering the Cause should be sent to Bishop Bruté Fund, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, P.O. Box 1410, Indianapolis, IN 46206.)

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Faithful Departed

The title of this post may be misleading, since we’re not talking about our beloved dead, but rather, those who, in the early days of the Diocese of Vincennes (Indianapolis) found it necessary to leave the diocese because they could no longer tolerate the conditions that they were placed under. In the early days of […]


Bishop Hailandiere returns to Vincennes

Here are some interesting news articles from 1882 concerning the return of the body of Celestine Guynemer de la Hailandiere, that is, Bishop de la Hailandiere, the second Bishop of Vincennes, to the United States following his death on May 1, 1882. The Bishop had always wanted to be buried in Vincennes. After his resignation […]


Death of Bishop Bazin

Perhaps, the short term of Bishop John Stephen Bazin is one of the most overlooked periods in Indiana Catholic History. Then again, if you were a member of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary of the Woods, maybe not! During his time as bishop, from October of 1847 until April of 1848, the young […]


Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral, Vincennes

     Today, August 8, marks the 175th anniversary of the formal dedication of the Cathedral of Saint Francis Xavier in Vincennes. Even though the church was built much earlier, what we now call the “Old Cathedral” was finally dedicated on this day by Bishop Hailandiére. On March 30, 1826 the Vincennes Sun reported: The cornerstone of […]


Bishop Hailanderé dies in France 1882

This post is a “repeat”, but I feel the need to, once again, make a case for the man that no one seemed to like. Over time, I’ve gained a new respect for Bishop Hailandieré, who died on this date, May 1st, 1882. He is the bishop we either call crazy, or the one we […]