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The “Cause” of Simon Brute

The Cause for the canonization of Bishop Simon Brute seems to have slowed to a snail’s pace. This is not totally unexpected because with the volumes of writings that have to be painstakingly researched, these things take time.

I would like to point out, however, that the official organ of the Archdiocese, the Criterion has scarcely printed much of anything in the “news” section of their pages dedicated to Bishop Brutés cause. (http://www.archindy.org/brute/index.html) Their “news” section has had nothing added since 2008. That being said, perhaps there hasn’t been any news to print.

One of the things that helps in the process of canonization is public support. Devotion to a particular person is of the utmost importance, but one has to first, learn about that person. That is, I think, where the Criterion comes in. But, I’m not trying to “blame” the Criterion. I just wish that more attention was paid to this issue (as I am sure everyone who has an ‘issue’ wishes they would pay more attention to their particular issue.)

It has been suggested that “Circles” be formed, just as was done in the cause of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, recently canonized. Like Bishop Brute, Kateri is a person of the distant past. People may have had a hard time identifying with her because she came from a distant time and place. Bishop Brute is a little more contemporary. In Saint Kateri’s case, these circles were formed and included anyone interested, however, they were tied together in the fact that many of them were made up of Native Americans. In the case of Bishop Brute we don’t have that. Regardless, I believe an effort should be made to encourage the creation of these circles. See/Listen to the last part of this edition of American Catholic Radio The “Exploring our Faith” section dealt with the Circles that were formed for Saint Kateri.

Finally, and this is something that I believe could be very beneficial, would be the “requirement” for all parishes in the Archdiocese to possibly recite the prayer for the canonization of Simon Brute at the end of all Masses, or at least the weekend Masses.

Here is that prayer:

Prayer for the Canonization of the Servant of God Bishop Simon

Heavenly Father,
source of all that is holy,
in every age, you raise up
men and women who live lives
of heroic love and service.

You have blessed your Church
through the life of Simon Brute,
first bishop of Vincennes
and spiritual director
to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.
Through his prayer, his intellect,
his love, and his pastoral care,
Simon Brute formed future priests
and guided your Church
in the early days of our country.

If it be your will,
may he be proclaimed a saint.
We ask this through Jesus Christ,
our Lord.



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