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The Feast of Elizabeth Ann Seton

Although today, being a Sunday, finds the feast of Elizabeth Ann Seton not officially celebrated, it is still remembered.

What does she have to do with the history of the Catholic Church in Indiana? She never visited Indiana, but her spirit is here in many ways. In a physical sense, one way in which she is present is through her own possessions. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton had two bibles and she made extensive notes in them. Both of them are in Indiana. The first at the Bruté Library in Vincennes and the other at the University of Notre Dame.

Elizabeth Ann had, as her spiritual advisor, Simon Bruté. It was he who guided her on her journey. Although he was not around when she converted to Catholicism, he was the one who helped her as a struggling superior of a small group of Sisters of Charity in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Some say that her holiness came as a result of the holiness of Father Bruté.

The Sisters who carry on Elizabeth Ann’s work continue to honor Father Bruté for his contribution to her quest for holiness.

We hope this day, that Elizabeth Ann Seton and the women who followed her continue to pray for the Cause of Bishop Bruté.


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