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Hailandiere Consecrated Bishop of Vincennes 1839

In this day and age of instantaneous communication. it is hard to conceive that in the 19th century, news traveled so slowly. Clestine Ren Laurent Guynemer de la Hailandire, a priest of the Diocese of Vincennes had been sent to Europe to recruit priests and seminarians for the infant Diocese of Vincennes early in the year 1839. On May 17th he was named Coadjutor of the diocese, but the man he would ultimately replace, Simon Brut, would never know since he died on June 26th of that year and the official word had not reached him by that time. By the time the news of Brut’s death, as well as his being named coadjutor, reached Hailandire, he was in Paris, so he chose to be consecrated the 2nd Bishop of Vincennes while in the city. That consecration took place on this day (August 18, 1839).


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