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Approaching the Feast of All Saints

As we approach the feast of All Saints, we take a look back at the month of October.

October brought us the first feast of Mother Theodore Guerin on October 3rd. She was canonized on October 15, 2006. I think that the Sisters of Providence who for so long sought to have their foundress canonized are just beginning to realize the importance of this universal event.

October 14th, celebrated the 169th anniversary of the ordination of Benjamin Marie Petit, the humble man who accompanied the brave Potawatomi people on their Trail of Death. Petit, who was recruited by Bishop Brute to come to the frontier of Indiana, was eventually buried in the log chapel at Notre Dame.

October 28th (the day this post was written) is the 173rd anniversary of the consecration and ordination of Simon Brute as the first Bishop of Vincennes. On this feast of Simon and Jude, Brute was consecrated in the new Cathedral in St. Louis. There was so much to celebrate and so much to look forward to. Ironically, both Brute and Petit would be dead within five years.

There is much to remember and much to give thinks for. As we near the celebration of All Saints we must remember those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. We should also remember that these “Saints” and all the holy men and women who have sustained the faith in Indiana continue to pray for all of us.


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