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Calendar Items

I want to do a little bit of catch-up with items from the calendar. I posted some information about the surrender of Vincennes back in February. Here are some calendar items that should be mentioned as well.

  • On March 25th — On this date (or at least on Palm Sunday, 1736), Fr. Antoninus Senat was burned at the stake by Indians. He was pastor of St. Francis Xavier, Vincennes [Cauthorn p. 228]. Alerding says: “That Father Senat, a Jesuit, was pastor of Vincennes is mere conjecture. Still, it is presumed that he was, for the reason that he accompanied ‘Vincennes’ the commander of the fort…” [Alerding p.54]
  • March 30, 1826 — On this day the Rev. John B. Champomier laid the cornerstone of the present St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in Vincnennes. It was a Thursday. [Cauthorn p.228]
  • April 4, 1835 — On this date, Bishop Brute ordained his first class of Sub-Deacons. Matthew Ruff, Julian Benoit, Vincent Bacquelin, John Plunkett and Maurice Berrell were ordained on this day. I’ll eventually write more about some of these men.
  • April 21 — The marriage of Julen Tratier and Josette Marie on April 21, 1749, celebrated by Fr. Sebastian Louis Meurin, is the oldest church record preserved at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in Vincennes [Cauthorn p.228]

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