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One of the great sources of information on the history of the Church in the United States is a publication known as “American Catholic Historical Researches”. It was edited by Martin Ignatius Jospeh Griffin a journalist and historian. The New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia says:

In January, 1887, he began the publication of the “American Catholic Historical Researches”, which he continued to edit till he died. An indefatigable delver into the byways of the past, he collected a large amount of original data that will be of much value and assistance to the historian of the development of the Church in the United States.

“American Catholic Historical Researches” published original material in order to disseminate it to the general public. Here is an article (click the link for a PDF version) from Volume 15, No.2 (April 1898). Bishop Brute writes to Mother Rose, the superior of the sisters at Emmitsburg. It is a summary of his installation and his first visitation, dated November 13, 1834.

Today, December 3rd, is the feast of Saint Francis Xavier, the Jesuit missionary, patron of the Archdiocese and patron of the Cathedral in Vincennes. In his early years, Bishop Brute hoped to emulate Francis by becoming a missionary… Brute only made it as far as Indiana…


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